Affordable Website Design
& WordPress Development

We are a digital agency with clients across multiple business sectors in the UK and abroad.
We design and develop websites using only the latest web technologies and standards.
Through strategic marketing and SEO, our clients dominate the top of the search engine results..


We Provide

  • UK Based Creative & Support Team
  • Products and Service Solutions for ALL Budgets
  • 99% Server Uptime for Hosting
  • Quality & Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back
  • Low Prices & Easy Payment Options

Frequently Asked Questions

1Why should we choose Multi Web Solutions to handle our online ventures?

We are passionate and love what we do (perhaps a little too much).

We are always keeping up to date with the latest development in web technologies and it's our aim to only provide you with honest and impartial advice & prices. If you want a partner that cares about your business then you have come to the right place.

2How much will my website cost?

There can be great variations in prices depending on what functionality is needed.

Technology today allows for very affordable designing & development. The biggest cost comes with advanced features and search engine optimization. Contact us today and be prepared to be surprised at how affordable our services are.

3What is the process and how long will it take to make my website?

How quick do you want it? It really depends on the project size. Here is a quick breakdown of the development process..

  1. Discovery, Planning, Ideas
  2. Designs & Layouts
  3. Assembly & Content Creation
  4. Development &, Programming
  5. Review & Testing
  6. Website Launch
  7. Continues Maintenance, Updates and Evolution

Every project we handle goes through this process. Expected delivery depends on your project needs, requirements and functionality and this process could take anything from a few days to a few weeks.

4What is CMS?

Content management systems (CMS) allows website owners or administrators to access their website from the back end. This allows for easy content, products and price updates.

We specialize in using WordPress. It is one of the most advanced systems on the internet today. The user interface is very familiar (like Microsoft Word) with a very small learning curve for use.

5How long am I tied into a contract?

We have NO contracts!

You are not tied into anything and if you have paid for something in full then you own it. If you decide to move to other service providers you can take your website with you. You own it and there are no hidden costs. Please familiarize yourself with our terms of service for more on this issue.

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