About Me

Louwrens Viljoen - Freelance Web Developer & Pro Photographer

I'm also a Fellow Earthling, Army veteran, Longboarder, Ex boyfriend, Husband, Father & Friend..

Sixteen years ago, working as a Ambulance Medic in South Africa, a friend needed a website and I volunteered to make it. I quickly regretted offering my services when I learned that "Microsoft Word" does not cut it as a website builder. I had to learn the basics of coding and I loved it. That is how my career as a freelance website designer started.

Jump a few years forward.. I joined the British Army and served with the Household Cavalry for five years. This is where by pure chance I was selected to do surveillance photography training. Photography quickly became my second passion right after website design. During my time in the military I gained more website clients and by the time I left the forces I was ready to start working as a full-time freelance website designer.

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